10 Reasons You Need Live Chat for B2B Lead Generation

Live chat software allows vendors and B2B buyers to directly communicate with each other in real time.

Instead of sending an email to an unattended info@companyname.com or calling and waiting in a long cue, potential buyers can use live chat to speak directly with vendors. This real time communication is powerful.


Live chat software allows vendors and B2B buyers to directly communicate with each other in real time.

Instead of sending an email to an unattended info@companyname.com or calling and waiting in a long cue, potential buyers can use live chat to speak directly with vendors. This real time communication is powerful—not only for the overall customer experience, but also for generating leads and even closing deals. In fact according to emarketer.com survey, 62% of internet shoppers admit that they would finish an online purchase if live customer support was available and 38% said they have made a purchase due to a chat session itself.

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Need more convincing? Here are 10 reasons you should leverage live chat for sales:

1. You can chat with multiple people at once

Instead of holding a phone conversation with one prospect at at time, you can simultaneously communicate with multiple potential leads. A good chat agent should be able to chat with 3-6 different people and make it seem like each customer is getting undivided attention. Although you’re not guaranteed to convert everyone you talk to, you definitely have a better chance when you can tap into a larger volume of potential leads.   

2. You can qualify leads in real time

Companies waste boatloads of resources contacting unqualified leads and attempting to qualify them. Being able to qualify leads at the top of the sales funnel in real time is the most efficient form of lead qualification. With chat, you should be able to quickly detect the interest level of a visitor and decide if that person should be passed on to an account executive.

3. You can reroute prospects to appropriate account manager

Once a chat is initiated, you can engage and quickly route the prospect to the appropriate account manager. By doing this, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to get a prospect in front of the right person, both boosting customer satisfaction and helping to close the deal.  

On Koble, you have the ability to quickly hand off a qualified lead in real-time. With a fluid transition, the account manager will receive a lead that’s not only qualified, but also currently in the buying process.

4. Chat’s less threatening than a lead gen form

People avoid lead gen forms—they ask for detailed pieces of personal information that many people really don’t like giving out. Think about it, isn’t inputting your life story into a form and waiting for some unseen amount of time for some mystery person to contact you a little scary? Live chat is an easy way to nurture prospects who won’t fill out your forms.

5. It can lower your bounce rate

According to LivePerson, 83% of consumers state a need for some form of support during their online shopping journey. In fact, 71% of visitors expect to be able to access help within five minutes when purchasing online, while 31% expect this help to be immediate.

If a prospect is confused or can’t find the answer to a simple question, they likely won’t take the time to make a call or fill out a form—they’ll leave and likely shop elsewhere. However, if a chat operator is there to quickly answer any questions, there’s a good chance you can save the sale.

6. Chat gives you detailed info about potential leads

Lead generation forms are limited—whatever prospects fill in is what you get. With chat, you can ask questions tailored to the visitor’s needs and gather valuable detailed information and feedback. This valuable information can be used for improving your products/services, fueling your blog content and guiding your marketing messaging.

7. It helps you up-sell products and services

Once you get a potential lead on chat, you can understand their needs and recommend additional purchases that work for that particular buyer. By providing value and making a real case for a higher level service or product, you can increase your revenue per sale.

8. You can reach prospects at critical point

Live chat solutions allow you to have real time conversations with people who’ve expressed interest in your company’s content. By immediately answering users’ questions and addressing their pain points, you can increase the likelihood of a sale. But keep in mind, with most live chat software, if you don’t respond almost immediately (in less than 30 seconds), you’ll likely frustrate potential buyers. Plus, if your prospect has to disconnect for some reason, there’s no easy way to continue the conversation at a later point.

Unlike other solutions, every chat session you have on Koble is saved indefinitely. This way, you can continue conversing with buyers well after an initial session. Because buyers may not convert right away, this gives you the opportunity to nurture them towards a purchase and build a relationship over time.

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9. It increases overall conversion rates

Chat increases the likelihood of conversion. In fact, according to BoldChat, chatters who engage via proactive invitation are 8 times more likely to convert than visitors who don’t chat and they spend an average of 55% more than non-chatters.

10. Builds customer loyalty and trust

Of course, getting that initial sale is important. We should always been looking for ways to attract new customers. But what about repeat business? In addition to drawing in fresh leads, live chat also helps to bring back repeat customers. According to an emarketer.com survey, 63% said they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat and 62% reported being more likely to purchase from the site again.

The wrap-up

As you can see, live chat is a great tool for B2B lead generation. However, many live chat solutions often lack some key features.

We created Koble to fill in the gaps in B2B prospecting and communication. Join our B2B network to instantly reach out to anyone who matches your preferences, who’s engaged with your company content or who you’re connected with. Participate in an unlimited number of chats with the ability to continue a conversation indefinitely as long as both parties are mutually interested.

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