Using Content Marketing to Stand Out from the Crowd.

In the Marketing world, competition is brutal. No matter what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in business, we can almost guarantee that one of your competitors is seemingly streets ahead when it comes to promoting their brand to their audience.


In the Marketing world, competition is brutal. No matter what industry you’re in or how long you’ve been in business, we can almost guarantee that one of your competitors is seemingly streets ahead when it comes to promoting their brand to their audience.

But how do you really stand out?

Our job, as marketers, is not to create a mass of content. It’s about creating the minimum amount with the maximum amount of impact to our customers. So in essence, what we create has to be valuable, useful, compelling and different.

Why Use Content Marketing?

For those not familiar with the approach, there are many different types of Content Marketing content as the following graphic from Curata shows:

Let’s look at our Koble blog posts as an example; we post these once a week to help businesses get some information that we hope they find useful. The reason we do this? Our goal as a company is to help business connect and create better business together.

If one snippet of our content is useful to one of our readers, and that helps them create and post more compelling content on our platform, which is then seen by prospective buyers who then connect with them…  we’re doing what we set out to do.

We also use all of the other sections of the pyramid in our Marketing. Some we use more frequently than others, as the higher you go, the longer it takes to research and create. We also enable companies to post nearly all of the elements of the pyramid on the Koble platform (the only thing we don’t enable is Social Media posts, but you can add an external link to your own posts on Facebook if you wish).

In addition to the content in the pyramid, we also enable video to be shared in the platform as we understand the rising importance of video in Marketing.

The Advantages of Content Marketing.

Let’s quickly take a look at the advantages of using Content Marketing over other traditional Marketing methods:

Minimal investment. Theoretically, you can start a content marketing strategy with almost no initial financial investment by doing the work yourself. Even if you hire an agency, content marketing is still a highly affordable strategy, making it easily accessible to almost any company.

Visibility and authority benefits. Content marketing lends itself to achieving more visibility and more authority, both of which can help you get a leg-up on any competitor.

SEO and inbound traffic. Using content as an arm of your SEO strategy, you’ll be able to earn higher search rankings. The magic here is that it usually only takes one rank higher than your competitor to start diverting some of their web traffic to you. But if your competitors are also using this strategy, they will also be aiming to get a higher ranking, which could lead to a never-ending spiral of SEO battles with whoever having the most resources for SEO winning the race.

Conversion and retention. With better content, you’ll earn higher conversion rates than your competitors, and buyers will be more loyal to your brand.

Long-term benefits. Content marketing is a strategy that pays off over time. The more time and effort you invest in it; the more value it’s going to hold for your brand.

So, How Do You Stand Out?

The most important thing is to differentiate yourself from the competition. If you try to do what they’re doing, you aren’t going to stand out.

Instead, look for key ways to differentiate yourself:

  • Target a different segment of your shared target market.
  • Utilise a different approach, or leverage the power of different content mediums.
  • Use marketing channels that your target audience use and that your competitors aren’t.
  • Conduct more research than your competitors and offer comprehensive guides and materials to position yourself as a Thought Leader.
  • Beat your competitors to the punch with news topics

Eventually you’ll notice a difference in your customer base and your traffic and brand reputation will rise.

Things to Avoid.

Don’t “gate” your content by making readers submit their email address or contact details to access it. You want your materials to be viewed by as many of your potential customers as possible.

I know some companies gate their content as they want email addresses for their Sales Team and Inbound Marketing ROI, but trust me, the majority of those email addresses will be unattended (i.e. fake) and useless. Even if they are a real address, the odds of them hitting that “unsubscribe” button on the first email they receive from you, are very, very high.

If your Management are requesting you to report ROI on your content, consider other channels where the reporting analytics are measurable and easily reportable. Some Social Media channels give you open rates and engagement figures.

At Koble, in addition to the analytics Social Media channels provide, we provide the actual name of the company who is looking at your content (we don’t provide the reader’s name until they connect with you). So that gives you an idea of who is looking at what you’ve posted. We’re constantly updating our analytics tools as well, to help make your reporting easier.

So in summary, Content Marketing will require some effort to create. But planning your strategy, doing the research, creating compelling content and getting it to your target audience will ensure that you’ll become the dominant competitor in the market. All you’ll then have to do is stay on your toes to ensure you stay that way.